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Grass Fed Beef Questions (FAQ)

What is Grass Fed Beef?
Grass-fed beef refers to beef animals that primarily feed on native and other natural grasses. Most store-bought beef is fed a significant amount of corn, grain, supplements and other additives to artificially ‘fatten’ up the beef. The result is that you are paying for fat and a less-healthy cut of meat.

Why is Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef Better?
Our approach to beef is different than the ‘Big Beef’ producers. We take pride in raising our Angus and Hereford beef animals from calves to harvest. Our pastures are located in Orange County, New York. We manage the entire processing to ensure strict quality guidelines and dry-age our beef for 21 days. Best of all, we conveniently deliver premium beef direct to your door.

We take an artisan approach to produce premium beef, similar to small batch spirits. Think of Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef as small-batch, artisan crafted beef. Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers.

Why is Grass Fed Beef a Healthier Option?
For a number of reasons, grass fed beef is a healthier option versus store-bought beef. Grass fed beef has about 30-40% less total fat, more antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K), less cholesterol and is rich in Omega-3s. Our beef is 100% all natural and raised with no hormones, GMOs or artificial additives.

Do I Need to Cook Grass-fed Beef Differently?
Yes. Because grass-fed beef is a leaner meat, you will have the best results by reducing the cooking temperature to medium setting, and reducing the cooking time by about 30% when grilling or pan frying. Grass fed beef is best enjoyed at a medium temperature, medium rare or rare. Grass-fed beef is like fine seafood; do not overcook! We recommend using a meat thermometer for best results cooking grass-fed beef.

What is Free Range Beef?
Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef produces 100% free range beef. Typically, grass fed beef is free range, meaning animals are free to roam the pasture and are not confined to a large feed yard. Most store-bought beef is raised in large commercial feed yards, with thousands of animals crammed into a cramped feed yard. Animals raised in the free pasture are typically much less stressed than feed yard beef. Happy animals = better food.

Do We Have a Guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee the quality of our beef 100%, or we will make it right. Please let us know if you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase.

What is 100% All Natural Grass Fed Beef?
When we say 100% all natural beef, we mean it literally. There are absolutely, positively no artificial growth additives, GMOs, hormones, or anything artificial in Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef premium grass-fed beef. Our beef is Gluten Free.

What is Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef, LLC?
Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef was founded in 1997 to deliver premium, all-natural grass-fed beef direct to your door. We are a family business, incorporated in New York, with pastures in the Orange County, New York / Hudson Valley Region. Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef has an office located in the Montgomery, New York area. Our family has been producing quality Angus and Hereford beef for over 10 years. We are now offering premium grass-fed beef, delivered direct to the consumer.

Still have a grass feed beef (FAQ) question?
Do you still have a question about our grass fed beef? Call us via phone at 845-551-0549 or visit our Contact Us page. 

Do you accept Credit Cards?
We only accept cash only no checks or credit cards


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