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What exactly makes our beef healthier to eat?

Almost all the beef you buy in supermarkets and groceries comes from cattle handlers that may start out by grass-feeding their cattle, but then switch to corn or grain feed to fatten up their herd for the yield. Tens of thousands of animals are packed into crowded lots (called feedlots) to fatten up quickly, as a final step before being processed. This is what produces the poor "good fat" to "bad fat" ratio in most beef products on the supermarket and grocery shelves. In addition, the poor conditions that the animals live in during their time in close-quarter feedlots, are crowded, filthy, stinking, boxed-in areas, with open sewers and only choking air to breathe.

The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids for the 100% grass fed cows at Bettinger Bluff Farm is 2:1, a perfect ratio for optimal health. Since we don't need to grow corn or grain, we don't use herbicides or pesticides. We don't want unhealthy, fatty cows, so we don't inject hormones and we don't have the need to use antibiotics. The meat from our pastured cattle is 4 times higher in vitamin E than meat from feedlot cattle, and cooks faster as well. Our cows have wide open space in which to graze and breed, and remain all-natural and healthy, all year long.

  • Whole Cow (290lbs*).
  • Half Cow (145 lbs*)
  • Quarter Cow (72 lbs*)
  • Only $11.95 /lbs. Choice / Only $12.95 /lbs. Prime
  • *Approximate take-home weights
  • Shrink-wrapped and Ready to go in your freezer!!