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"I've been eating the meat for years !! So healthy and delicious !! Way better then any store bought meat ill never buy from the store again !!
The burgers and roasts are a huge hit for my family!!"


"Me and my wife have been getting our beef here for over a year now. They've made permanent customers out of us. No more chemically enhanced unhealthy supermarket meats for us. You can taste the difference." - HIGHLAND MILLS, NEW YORK


"Picked up a 5 1/2 pound roast last week and cooked it for the family. Not only was it a healthy meal, it was absolutely delicious!!" - SUSIE - GOSHEN, NEW YORK


"Excellent quality and fair prices. The best steak I've ever had!!" - KELLY - MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK


"The prepping of nutrient dense foods, raised or grown sustainably, humanely and bio-dynamically or organically is my passion. As a nutritionist, specializing in GAPS and gluten free diets, I am constantly on the search for optimum sources of foods for myself and my clients. Several years ago, I met and spoke with Steve and Eugene of Bettinger Bluff Farm and paid a visit to them. I was impressed by their passion to not only bring high quality meats to the markets but to pasture raise their livestock as humanely and sustainably as possible. It is a wonderful experience to be able to give thanks at the dining table, knowing that the meat in front of me comes from an animal that had lived a good and natural life and was treated well. Thank you Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef for all that you do." - JANIS - MONTGOMERY, NEW YORK


"Our restaurant has a strong commitment to quality. I have been buying their best tasting organic grass fed meats for over 8 years. The grass they feed their animals have a sweet herbaceous quality, which is imparted into the meat. It's a privilege and inspiration to serve their product. I know you will enjoy it as much as the guests at my three certified organic restaurants do!" - KEVIN - BROOKLYN, NEW YORK


“Great food comes from great ingredients rather than complicated technique. Choose wonderful ingredients and treat them with respect. Bettinger Fluff Farm and their entire team are dedicated to producing great ingredients with love and passion. They do the hard work, all I have to do is prepare and cook it. I am honored to be a part of their extended 'market family." - GLORIA - MONROE, NEW YORK


“Some people seek out grass fed beef because the animals are raised in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. Others choose these products for health reasons; more nutritional balance of Omega 3 fatty acids and a lower amount of saturated fats. But what keeps me coming back to Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef is the flavor: the beef tastes clean and compelling, give off the most appetizing aroma of any I have ever cooked with, and every recipe I make using their beef comes out better.” - PAUL - CHESTER, NEW YORK


“The relationship we have developed with Hudson Valley Grass Beef is not only one of our longest but also one of the cornerstones of our restaurant. Our guests receive and appreciate a delicious product and an education about eating grass finished beef raised less than 100 miles from our restaurant. Just as important as teaching our guests, our cooks learn about the importance of organically grown, sustainably raised beef and its effects on the environment that they will carry throughout their careers.” - DAN - PORT JERVIS, NEW YORK


"I tell complete strangers about Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef's amazing products nearly every day. Whatever the magic combination of earth, rain, TLC, and best quality ingredients...their meats are absolutely the best tasting, and healthiest, you can get. And they are truly good people. So be healthy and wise and nourish yourself in the most perfect way possible...Orange County's best beef!" - STEVEN - NEWBURGH, NEW YORK


"About 5 years ago, I decided to get very serious about my family's health and happiness. I wanted to find fresh, local, organic meats that were going to nourish my family. I also wanted my growing boys to know where their food came from and that they were eating animals raised ethically. After searching many farms throughout Orange County, I went to Bettinger Bluff Farm and spoke with Debbie. She was extremely knowledgeable and they had a jaw-droppingly beautiful farm. Their animals were healthy, happy and flourishing. I knew this was the place to buy my food. I knew even more after I started eating their food! Our family exclusively buys our beef for the last 4 years and we've never been healthier and happier. Just recently, my wife and I had a full medical examination for life insurance. We both qualified amongst the healthiest top 2% in the nation. Our pediatrician, friends and family always comment how healthy, happy and energetic our 2 boys are. All of this is possible because of the awesome, hard work that they do at the farm. They've earned my family's loyalty for life!"  - MICHAEL - WALLKILL, NEW YORK


"In the last year, I focused my diet to eating healthier, in doing so I switched to Hudson Valley grass-fed beef. After doing so, I lost over 100 pounds! Great taste and even better results! Bettinger Bluff Farm provides local flavor that is second to none!"  - JESSICA - WASHINGTONVILLE, NEW YORK


 We made a decision to be done with processed foods and focus on buying local organic produce, organic eggs and the best organic meat we could find. Of all the local beef that we’ve tasted, the most excellent is at Bettinger Bluff Farm. We’re now eating the best meals of our lives. We aren’t even trying, but we both lost weight and got healthier - much healthier. (I mean – our doctors are confused – healthier). All we can say is that anything you buy from Hudson Valley Grass Fed Beef is worth it. It has amazing flavor, you can trust where it came from and then of course there’s the fact that you become healthier by eating it. Their Filet Mignon goes quickly so keep calling to see if it's available."  - TRISTAN - WALDEN, NEW YORK


“If that T-bone wasn’t food for the gods, I don’t know what is. We had the first of our beef tonight - to share with my husband's folks who are meat die-hards from the grass fed Midwest of old - and we all shared the sentiment that is was the BEST MEAT we have ever had. I gave them the verbal tour of your biodynamic farm operation and made instant Eugen and Steve fans out of them. Thank you for all the research, the energy, the commitment, and the incredible integrity it took to start your eco-sensible farming. We appreciate it more than words can express." - EVELYN, TUXEDO PARK, NEW YORK


“The prime rib we got from you for Christmas dinner was absolutely fabulous. Clearly the best we’ve ever eaten anywhere – hands down! (And we’ve eaten at some good places!). We’re glad to be on your email list for beef specials. We are going to try your ribeye and roasts next.” -  THOMAS - GARDINER, NEW YORK


"My experience with your grass fed beef was the first step in moving to a healthy, quality and organic diet. The taste is robust and the quality is 100%  authentic – which is obvious with a quick view of the farm. My only regret is that I don’t live closer, but these products are absolutely worth my drive from Warwick. Thanks again.” - CLAIRE - WARWICK, NEW YORK


“I had the neighbors over for dinner last night and made the beef I bought from you into a pot roast (with wine and potatoes, carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts). It was absolutely amazing. Tender, no fattiness at all. We all agreed that none of us had ever had pot roast that tasted that good. I got to tell the neighbors about your products and that I KNOW the people who produced this beef. This type of dining needs to become more common! Happy holidays to you and the best beef around.” - KATE - BULLVILLE, NEW YORK


"This is really all natural grass fed beef. The meat is sold out of their garage, from a row of freezers lined up against the wall. I wasn't so sure at first, but the lady was so nice that my husband and I decided to try a porterhouse for dinner that night. Oh my god. It was the best steak I have ever cooked at home. I highly recommend anyone looking for high quality beef to take a trip out to 17K. They also make their own sausage, hot dogs and beef jerky. Fantastic, but not cheap. You will pay a premium price for a premium product." - ANNE - BALMVILLE, NEW YORK


"A great place for all grass fed needs. They had everything I was looking for and more! The beef is all sourced directly from the farm. They really know what they are doing!" - ALEXANDER - NEW WINDSOR, NEW YORK



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Mailing Address: Bettinger Bluff Farm
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